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The GSG MP40 Pistol reproduction.

I have been eyeing these from afar for a while and I finally ran across one in a retail establishment. My main interest is not in using it as a pistol, but instead SBR’ing it. But I had some reservations. 

  • Street price?
  • Quality?
  • Ease of SBR’ing. 

I don’t have any definitive  answers yet. But I will say that my initial impression of these “pistols”  is quality. At least I think so. If you equate quality with weight. I don’t have any time with a MP-40 sub-gun. But I have always heard they are surprisingly heavy for their size. 

Picking up the GSG MP40, you get the same feeling. It’s heavy. But…the appeal is to make it a semi-auto MP-40 clone. I want it to be heavy. Not some cheap modern knock-off. But the price isn’t crazy expensive either!

The next questions? How do they run? And can they be easily SBR’s? Or is it brain surgery, and 100 FFL 07 hours, to get a stock on one? 

Time will tell. But right now, the GSG MP40 stays on my to-buy list. 





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