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Making the Most of Bad Ammo

Malfunction clearance drills
Working with bad ammo.

Just like many of you, we sometimes get hosed on purchases. During the height of the pandemic, we came into a single 1000 round case of re-manufactured 9mm ammunition. 

Why one case? It was an off brand, and I didn’t want to get stuck with a pallet of ammo I hate. Well…well…well…looks like my rules based buying paid off. Or at least mitigated greater loses. 

This case of 9mm ammo was for all practical purposes…corrupt. Immediately there were issues with function. Sometimes these issues were as high as 10%. 

Instead of trying to deal with the vendor and shipping the ammo back, I decided it was best to just move on. Shoot the ammo as is, and use those malfunctions as truly random opportunity to practice malfunction clearance drills. 


Sundry points: 

  • No, I won’t disclose the maker. It’s not from a reputable company. 
  • I realize expecting our viewers to eat 1000 rounds of defective ammo to prove a point is ridiculous. So don’t. Send it back. 
  • We did it because time is money. The back and forth plus shipping of this case wasn’t worth the effort. Especially if they just end up sending a second fouled case. 
  • First impressions are forever. 
  • But a case of 9mm, for us, is only about 4 weeks. 
  • We burned through it in about 10 days. 
  • Yes, stuff goes wrong for us as well. I just don’t dwell on it. 
  • You shouldn’t either. 





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