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March 5-40x The Highest Power Ratio Scope?

March 5-40x Rifle Scope

It was a big deal when variable scopes came on the market, and an even bigger deal when Redfield broke the barrier of increasing magnification more than the power of three when it introduced a 3-12x scope in the 1990s. It was a big deal because changing power involves things physically moving inside the scope, and there is only so much back and forth room along the length of a scope that’s possible.

This year, March Scopes blows away the competition by increasing magnification by a power of eight, making its 5-40x56mm scope one of the greatest magnification range scopes on the market. The owners and engineers at the March production facility have over 50 years of combined experience in the Japanese high-end optical industry. March scopes are built by hand, assembled and individually tested prior to being shipped to the US. Every March scope contains high-end, low dispersion ED lenses that are ground to perfection by the top lens grinding factory in Japan.

Magnification: 5-40x56mm
Body Tube Diameter: 34mm
Field of View (low/high): 21.0 / 2.6ft at 100yd
Eye Relief (low/high): 96-100 / 92-98
1 Click Adjustment: 0.05MIL
Elevation Level: 24MIL
Windage Level: 12MIL
Distance (yd): 10-infinity
Focal Plane: FFP
Reticle: FML-1
Illuminated: Yes
Adjustment Dial: Tactical Adjustment
0-Set Device: Yes
Sun Shade Included: Yes


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