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Coonan Goes .45 ACP

Coonan 45 ACP 1911

When you think of Coonan, you think of its legendary 1911-based .357 Magnum pistols. At SHOT, the company introduced a new 1911 pistol chambered in .45 ACP that will begin shipping second quarter this year. The new.45 ACP pistol has all of the signature “Coonan Difference” features including linkless barrel, pivoting trigger and external extractor. The linkless barrel is claimed to be more reliable than linked barrels and offer increased accuracy while virtually eliminating feeding issues. The pivoting trigger’s unique location and motion allows the user a more consistent trigger pull for better accuracy and tighter groups while the external extractor is coil spring activated for increased reliability. Every trigger, hammer, sear and disconnector are crafted by Coonan to their exact specifications. This new handgun also incorporates an extended slide catch and thumb lock to ease operation and ships standard with fixed black Novak style front and rear sights. Pricing on the new .45 starts at $1,375 but there is currently a $500 pre-order voucher available.


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