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Zeiss VICTORY V8 Riflescope

Scott Mayer w/ Zeiss Victory R8 on Blaser R8 rifle.

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics introduced the new VICTORY V8 riflescope line at SHOT Show. Models include 1-8×30, 1.8-14×50, 2.8-20×56 and 4.8-35×60. The scope has outstanding image quality and optical resolution from its fluoride HT glass system, and a massive 36mm tube that just sucks in light. Another cool feature is its pinpoint illuminated dot that has only 3 millimeter subtension coverage at 100 yards for precise aiming and is adjustable for brightness.

Zeiss Victory R8 Scope
Zeiss Victory R8 Scope

The V8 utilizes an integrated intelligent motion sensor allowing the illuminated dot to automatically turn on or off. When the rifle is on its side, or set vertically in a gun rack, the dot goes off. Shoulder the rifle and the dot comes on. Select models include the new bullet drop compensator ASV consisting of nine different turret rings that match different bullet trajectory profiles. For the American market, Zeiss includes a blank ring that you can return along with your exact trajectory profile and Zeiss will engrave the ring for your load. Starting at $2,889 the V8 isn’t cheap, but good glass never is, plus you get the cool automatic pinpoint illuminated dot.

We had a chance to try the new V8 in early December on a driven game hunt in Germany and found it really delivers on moving targets. Set on low power and combined with the large scope tube the V8 is a lot like using a red dot sight—fast on close or moving targets. Crank the power up, and the precise aiming point makes long shots equally easy.


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