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Merkel RX Helix
Merkel RX Helix

First off let me make this clear: We are not gear reviewers. Sure, you will see stories and pictures and postulations of guns and gear here on John1911.com. But…we don’t take submissions. Why is that? Simple. Our policy is if you don’t see the item discussed here, we either can’t afford it, don’t know about it, or aren’t interested in it. We make money selling t-shirts. And besides, there are probably dozens of websites that will review gear organically or under the pretext of getting paid for it. Not me. I am more interested in shooting guns & having fun. And when I saw a Merkel RX Helix during some work travels, I had fun looking at it.

Merkel RX Helix's on Display. Note synthetic option.
Merkel RX Helix’s on Display. Note synthetic option.

Like most of you, I had never seen one before except on the internet. It’s a straight-pull hunting rifle that is also a takedown and switch-caliber. I don’t claim to know all the caliber options but I believe it does all the mini, standard and magnum calibers. Or put another way, the 223 class, the 308 class, and the 300WM class of cases. Not sure if it handles the really big African safari calibers, and I’m not sure you would want it to.

The Merkel RX Helix is a very handy and slick rifle. At least dry-firing at the gun store counter. These particular examples were behind their own locked glass display. And even though I told the dealer I wasn’t in the market for one that day they were kind enough to get the boss’ key and let me fondle it.

Let me tell you right now, this is a damn slick gun. It’s also expensive. But if you are liking the straight-pull rifle speed but want a more traditional locking lug system incase of a KB, you might want to give this thing a hard look. The barrel takedown feature reminds me of the John Moses Browning designed Remington R8 and R81. Known around here as “the great 8”.

Closeup of Action.
Closeup of action open. There are also extended magazines now available as well.

One day I will run across someone who has one and hope to get a chance to shoot it. Until then I will have to be content with wondering how accurate it would be with a  combination of .223 and 6.5 Swede setup? Like all European rifles, the prices are a little insane. But just fiddling with the Helix, takes a little weariness out of the price tag. It made a very good impression. Good enough to make our blog site.

I personally would prefer the synthetic option. But I am a all weather shooter.
I personally would prefer the synthetic option. But I am a all weather shooter. $2699 on the tag.





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