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Old School Unertl Scope Adjustments
Note turrets adjust scope body not reticle. Very old school technology.

I picked up a Winchester 52c from an estate auction earlier this year. It’s a pretty attractive setup and I was very lucky to get it. ¬†The rifle also came with Redfield Target Sights and an original Unertl optic. As best as I can tell, it hasn’t been shot since AT LEAST the early 90’s. Probably long before that.

So earlier this summer I had some time on a VERY hot range day (97 degrees or so) to function test the rifle and switch it to the Unertl scope. It performed very well. While this isn’t some world class Olympic style shooting, I can see real potential in holding off Freeze during our Knob Creek Bourbon match. He’ll be coming on strong with with CZ452.

Here are two pics of the end result. The lower group POA was in the center of the grey circle. The higher group POA was at the top right corner of the box. Consistent grouping. With a little practice and running better ammo, I think I can hold Freeze off for a little bit. He’s a renowned rimfire shooter and it’s going to be all I can do to just keep up with him. My plan in simple…stay within striking distance of his score and if he makes a mistake, capitalize on it. Wish me luck. There’s pride and bourbon at stake.




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