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Mexican G3

This is a followup on the previous article about the privately owned Valmet in Mexico. Like most collectors, this person has a category that interests him. In his case, it is rifles chambered in 308 / 7.62×51. 

Which is what lead him trade into the 308 Caliber Valmet to begin with. You can see pictures of that story by CLICKING HERE. 

Here he shows us his G3 / HK91 variant. Since I am not a big HK aficionado, I can’t really tell if this is a semi-auto HK? A full auto G3? Or maybe even a CETME copy? If you have any info or analysis to add, please leave it in the comment section below. 

It does seem he is missing a rear receiver pin. 

Since private ownership of firearms in Mexico legally restricted, this rifle is basically, “black market”. Just like his Valmet. So it could very well be full auto. 

Thanks to the unnamed gun collector who is sharing with us his gun collection. Mexico is awash in guns. And I’d rather see these rifles in the hands of average folks, instead of criminal gangs. At least in his case, he has the ability to defend his home. 





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