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Blaser BD14 Bockdrilling

Blaser BD14 Bockdrilling. Drilling Rifle. Combination Rifle.
The three barrels of the BD14. In this case. 308 / 20 gauge / 22 Hornet

Ok. Some of you may be asking, “What in the heck is a Bockdrilling?” Easy. It’s a single shotgun, and 2 rifle barrel setup. 

I thought this one was kinda neat since it had some pretty practical calibers involved. A 20 gauge. A 308. And a 22 Hornet. 

If you think about it? That’s a combination that get’s quite a bit done east of the Mississippi. Where I happen to live. Will I buy one? Not yet? But I’m looking at them. 

Also the idea of “one gun” kinda strikes me as interesting. Maybe it’s because I am getting older? And it seems like these types of guns are, “old man” guns? But shooting the 308 out to 600 yards. Seeing what kind of point blank zero 22 hornet has. And shooting birds with the 20 gauge just seems neat. 

Blaser BD14 Bockdrilling. Drilling Rifle. Combination Rifle.
Used the standard Blaser scope mounting system which I already have LOTS of.

I even wonder how effective something like this would be as a home defense gun? Now look. In no way would I give up the BCM carbine, VP9, or Mossberg 590 that fill those duties. 

But…in some parts of the world, one certainly could do worse than a 308 and 20 gauge defending a hallway. Hell! For that matter, which one of you would stand in front of a 22 hornet? Not me! 

I guess if I am honest, I’m just an unabashed, “gun guy”. I see the value and interest in all kinds of guns. Car guys don’t buy muscle cars for their practicality or performance. By modern standards, they…simply…don’t. They buy them because they are cool. 

Blaser BD14 Bockdrilling. Drilling Rifle. Combination Rifle.
Price kinda bites. But maybe a used one? Also…many combination guns are crazy money. While expensive, it’s not smoking crack crazy.

20 year old Marky wouldn’t have looked twice at a Bockdrilling. But 50 year old Marky is mentally making the case to himself. 

Maybe one day…






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