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More Primer Production?

Fiocchi primers
Fiocchi primers

It is not a newsflash for anybody that reloads that primers have been nonexistent to scarce in most regions.  Late in 2019, inventories decreased and prices went through the roof for what could be found.  Almost overnight, prices went from 30-ish dollars per thousand to upwards of $300.00 in some cases.  Inventories have gotten better in some regions, but prices still range from $65.00 to $130.00. 

In late 2022, Fiocchi USA selected Little Rock Arkansas to open a new primer manufacturing facility.  This is not small news as this facility is budgeted at 41.5 million dollars; and when up and running will add 120 jobs.  Fiocchi will be one of 6 primer manufacturing facilities in the United States.  Look for updates on the new EXP primer facility in Texas soon.  There may be light at the end of tunnel!





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