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Mounted Correct Scope On Our Swede Sniper M41B

Notice the turn-down bolt to clear the optic. Converted in the 1940's.

We like to have “correct” items in our reference library. We don’t go nuts like some of the MIL-Surp collectors and obsess over every little detail. But we do like to have reasonable reconstructions for reference and training purposes.

Here is a M96 Swede rifle that was converted to a sniper by the Swedish government around 1941. Hence the M41B designation. The base rifle was manufactured in 1900. Yes, it’s a 116 year old gun. I think the scope is a post-WWII production by Jena. Which is correct. 4x.

As the rifle sits, it is unfired and appears to be unused since it’s factory refurbishment. But now that Freeze and I are caught up on projects, I suspect you will see video of it in action. It’ll be fun to learn more about this rifle. And…kinda interesting to see how 6.5 Swede compares or differs from 6.5CM functionally.

Stay tuned!


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