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POTD — Gun Cleaning Rack in the Armory

L-R: Blaser Tactical 2, 338 Blaser Barrel, K31, FN SCAR 16, German WWII Mauser

Figured this would be an interesting picture for the gun-geeks. On the cleaning rack in the armory, we have a juxtaposition between old a new rifles. From the latest German straight-pull Blaser to a WWII German Mauser. From a modern 5.56mm SCAR assault rifle made in Belgium to a K31 Swiss bolt-gun in a pull-power cartridge.

Once these rifles are cleaned, they get rotated back to the long-term storage racks. AKA “checkin”. Truth be told, the SCAR and the Tac 2 never get checked in unless they are in for maintenance. They live on permanent rotation.


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