Ed Brown 1911. Executive Elite. Executive Target. Stainless Class A Limited.

My Three 1911’s

The subject of 1911’s came up with the previous post about the Staccato P duty pistol. In particular, there was some confusion about it being mine. It is not. However, I will admit that a double-stack, 9mm, 1911 that can run with the The Big Dogs (Read Glock 17, etc), has a certain amount of appeal. 

But all of this begs an obvious question: What 1911’s do I currently own? The answer is simple. 3 single stack Ed Brown models. Two are in 45 and one is in 9mm. As of right now, there are no plans to buy anymore 1911s of any flavor. 

However I am not opposed to picking something up should the fancy strike me. At my peak, I had probably 12 custom 1911’s in the armory at any one time. And over 3 decades, probably a dozen more various makes and model cycled through here as well. 

So why the picture now?

I’ve decided to do something with the 9mm since it is barely shot. But it needs a small change done first. Can you guess what that is?






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