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Staccato-P: A Pretty Interesting Service Pistol

Staccato P Duty 1911
Staccato P Duty 1911. 9mm.

Last week I had a chance to run into an old friend of mine at a training. He happened to be wearing his new duty weapon: The STI Staccato-P 1911 style of 1911. Not being up on STI guns in general and this model in particular, I thought it was a good time to snap some pictures. 

The pistol is pretty trick from what I can tell:

  • 20+1 capacity.
  • Ambi-Controls. 
  • Mag-well.
  • G10 style grips.
  • Light rail. 
  • RDS with BUIS. 
  • Front cocking serrations. 

Not having fired the gun, I can’t say how it shoots. But it seems VERY comfortable in the hand. More so than I would have thought with that double stack mag. Obviously being in 9mm, instead of 45, makes a huge difference here. 

Staccato P Duty 1911
I thought the 20 round magazines deserved special attention. Look at he angle of the taper in feeding. Pretty interesting.

About 10 years ago, you couldn’t hardly get 1911 manufactures to make 9mm 1911s for duty use. The high-cap polymers dominated. But I have to say, it appears the 1911-mafia is working their way back into the duty holsters. 

Perhaps I’ll get a chance to shoot this one day?






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