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Hostage Rescue at Ice Station Zebra

Countdown Hostage Rescue Shot. SWAT Training.
Countdown Hostage Rescue Shot. SWAT Training.

Doc and I were at the Uber-private, cool-kid, LEO-only range recently. It’s a range I have heard about for at least 15 years, but had never accepted an invite to attend. Until today. 

Once the SWAT Snipers were done shooting, Doc and I took some time to do some testing on targets that were just assembled an hour prior. They are 50 BMG rated steel silhouettes with hostage rescue plates attached. 

But…instead of just shooting them, Doc decided to make it interesting: A countdown shot. Ok, sure. We de-conflicted what each of us would consider the shot-call and ran it dry. It went well in practice, but the pressure of not being late made me jump the gun just a hair during live-fire. 

While probably not enough to make a difference in practical applications? It wasn’t perfect. Which means I will have to work on that. 

Special note: If you get a chance watch the old movie called, “Ice Station Zebra’. It’s a classic Cold War flick and the kind of movie I grew up on as a kid. 

Some of you younger folks might even recognize one actor from movies you’ve seen. 






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