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Croatian PHP MV9 Pistol

Croatian PHP MV 9mm Pistol
Croatian PHP MV 9mm Pistol

We’ve been looking for a PHP on an off for almost a year. They are available on the market, but too many sellers want to bill them as super care and collectible. With a boost in the price along with that story. 

Maybe they are rare? But I didn’t want to pay the going market price for one. The value for us is as a truly unique reference gun. Nothing more. 

So imagine my surprise when I discovered Cabela’s has some they were blowing out at bargain prices! Swooped in an picked up this example. Came with one extra magazine. 

The staff at told me they had 5 of them initially and sold them pretty quickly. But two were sitting for over a year. So at that point, management wanted them gone. 

The price? $299. Out the door. No shipping. It was local. 

Gunbroker seems to have them between $400 and $650. But when you factor in shipping and transfer costs? Hopefully you can understand why we waited. 

More to come after we got some more pressing projects done. 






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