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New FAMAS Auction Price Record

FAMAS Rifle Auction Price Record.
FAMAS Rifle Auction Price Record.

Special thanks to John G. For bringing this to my attention. Without him, I would have completely missed this auction. 

Last night, on Gunbroker, a pretty cherry FAMAS semi-auto rifle sold for $58,525.00

Sweet Baby Jesus. 

I don’t even know what to say at this point. Other than any hope I held out we would be buying a FAMAS are now pretty much gone. 

For perspective, how much is $58k? In John1911 gun range terms, that is the exact, cash price we paid for the slightly used, 11,000lb, Massey Ferguson 4707 range tractor, new 8’ brush cutter & HD pallet forks. 

At some point it’s not even about the money. It’s more of…what else can I do with it? If the FAMAS was gone for us at $30k, it’s gone-gone at almost 60! 

Here is at LINKHere is at LINK to the post about the 30k example that sold in 2019. 






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