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We had a friend come by our range for some projects. But while he was there, he brought his work gear and demoed some night vision capabilities for me. It was eye opening. No pun intended. 

Principally, the biggest take away for me was the idea of helmet mounted NODs. Up until this point, I was leaning towards a dedicated scoped system. My friend was able to demonstrate the versatility, thus utility, of the helmet mounted systems. 

Namely over extended periods of time, you are not locked in behind a scoped rifle. The application for the SWAT guys should seem obvious. But for predator hunting, this could also be a huge benefit! In pure darkness, one would need to potentially keep an eye on 360 degrees of area.

A NOD hunter could sit comfortably scanning 360 degrees. And when a coyote comes in, just target it with a NV laser and whack him. Up until now, I was thinking I would be using the reticle in a scoped rifle.

Also…helmet mounted tubes are easily detachable and useful as handheld devices like binoculars. Which means you could easily use them from a vehicle or home in a pinch.

I’ve had an aha moment. 






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