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Akila 10rd R8 Chassis 

Akila ACSRx Chassis
The Akila ACSRx 10rd Chassis for the Blaser R8 Rifle

Akila 10rd R8 Chassis 

The announcement by Blaser of their new 10rd magazine system for the R8 rifle hit the segment like an earthquake. At least for most. According to Alex over at Akila, they suspect this was coming and were ready. 

Akila ACSRx Chassis
The Akila system also includes a fixed trigger.


Shown here are images of Akila’s chassis system suitable for Blaser’s bolt action rifle R8 with the new 10 round Blaser magazine. For those with a keen eye, you will notice Akila’s implementation seems much cleaner and more trim than even Blaser’s factory offering. 

The reasons why are pretty simple really. Blaser needed to extend the back of their sportier style “stock” to accommodate the permanently affixed trigger group. The Akila chassis system already has a fully adjustable and foldable stock, leaving plenty of room forward of the hinge for a fixed trigger. 

Akila ACSRx Chassis
The Akila ACSRx chassis includes a receiver block, so it is imported into the US as a firearm. NOT an accessory.

Akila has really hit the ball out of the park with this one. They heard rumors this was coming and were ready. Dare I say the Akila is better than the Blaser OEM? From the looks of the photos, I would say 100% yes. 

For Blaser owners, we live in interesting times. 

Assorted points: 

  • Akila is located in Slovenia. 
  • As of right now the 10rd chassis is being referred to as the ACSRx. That could change.
  • The trigger system is a two stage, user adjustable from 400 grams to 1200 grams (14 oz to 2.6lbs).
  • The current price for their chassis is 2575.00 Euros.That could also change. 
  • In the past, EuroOptic imported Akila products into the US. 
  • All the Akila chassis systems (with trigger or not) have a receiver block included in them, so they are imported as firearms in the US. 
  • Current R8 owners, to run this system, all you need is barrels, bolts and a bolt body. And the Blaser 10rd mag of course. 
  • If you wish to contact Akila directly or look at their catalog, you can reach Alex and the rest of their crew at www.akila.ltd






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