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Norinco SKS That Accepts AK Magazines

Norinco SKS Accepts AK Magazines
Norinco SKS Accepts AK Magazines

A reader sent me some photos of a very cool SKS rifle –– He never actually stated name. Sorry. It was made by NORINCO (Chinese Military Company no longer imported into the US) and appears to be a factory built to accept AK-47 magazines! Freeze was looking at the photos and he agrees it appears to be factory original. His final analysis being, “If it was converted they sure as damn well knew what they were doing”.

Personally I like the SKS series of rifles. I like the action. I like the handling. But having the option to pop in a Com-Bloc 30 round steel mag has a lot of appeal to me. While I have seen some of the US aftermarket upgrades for AK mags, the juice never seemed worth the squeeze to me.

This thing? I could be interested. If he ever decides to sell it, I hope he gives me first dibs. That’s a sweet combination.



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