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Vepr 12 with Bushnell Red-dot Sight

Vepr 12 Shotgun with Bushnell TRS Red Dot

One of the issues many people have with the modern gold-standard of red-dot sights (AimPoint IMO) is the price. The latest iterations of the Micro can be well north of $500! But just like how Surefire used to be the only game in town concerning weapon lights, Bushnell has stepped up with a red-dot line called the TRS.

It’s basically an economical copy of the Aim Point Micro. Is it as good as an AimPoint? Don’t know? Is it as durable as an AimPoint? I don’t believe anyone truly knows the answer to that yet. But it’s 1/5th of the price. Seriously…ONE FIFTH! I am seeing one now on the internet, with a riser, for $83.00.

Vepr 12 AK
With Cheek Riser, the TRS 25 fits quite well on the Vepr 12 Ak Shotgun

Am I advocating buying a Bushnell TRS and doing contract work with it overseas? No. But…it’s cheap enough, and it appears..cosmetically at least….durable enough to warrant maybe taking one as a backup RDS.

Seriously. If you want to play with the red-dot concept but don’t want to spend as much as your last Glock purchase? ¬†And you don’t know enough about them to avoid buying junk, give the Bushnell TRS line a hard look. We are playing with some. And as you can see, Freeze has his mounted on a Vepr 12 AK style shotgun. It’s holding up so far.




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