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O-Ring Replacement on SRO

Trijicon SRO O-ring replacement.
Trijicon SRO O-ring replacement.

So after spending all day July 4th with a camera crew on the range, I got home and noticed my SRO dot was out. Weird since I had shot this gun all day. Changed the battery and noticed the dot would work for a few seconds then dim out. 

Took that battery out, replaced with a second. Dot works, good to go. Insert mag and drop from slide lock, dot goes out. 

Uh oh. 

After some fiddling, I came to the conclusion the weather-seal o-ring on the battery cap was interfering with the battery making an electrical connection. Also noticed said o-ring was kinda ganked up and out of round. 

Contacted Trijicon and they are sending some replacement o-rings. I believe these are upgraded designs. The rep also suggested that we use a non-migrating lithium grease on the rings to keep them from binding and getting out of round. 

So in short. The SRO works fine. I am carrying it as usual. I just will avoid falling into anyone’s 10 foot deep pool for a few days until the rings get here. 

Still loving the SRO. 






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