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GBRS Hydra Mount

GBRS Hydra Mount
Comes in black & FDE

After looking at this product online, I figured it was worth mentioning here. A company called GBRS has come up with a single, tall red dot mount, that also holds a UV – visible laser device. 

GBRS Hydra Mount
Here you can see how the mount works.

While goofy looking, it does quite a bit. As far as I can tell:

  • Raises RDS sights high enough for ease of use with NODS. AKA passive aiming. 
  • Slaves the laser zero and RDS zero on one mount. 
  • Eliminates maintaining laser zeros due to hand guard issues. 
  • Frees up valuable space on cramped hand guards. 
  • Keeps the laser from being blocked by the shooter’s hand in all positions. 
  • Mounted laser device has clearance to change batteries without removing the whole unit. 
  • Since laser doesn’t need to be mounted so far forward to prevent blocking the beam, that weight is now closer to the center if gravity of the rifle. Read not as front heavy. 
GBRS Hydra Mount
Hydra Mount specs.

I do not run NODs and have very little experience with them. But I have seen more and more folks who do run optics higher. So why not also get the laser up out of the way and take advantage of the airspace? 

Will I buy one of these? Not right now. See, “I do not run NODs” above. But if I did, I would be all over this product. It looks goofy. And if you don’t run NODs all the time in a CQB role, chances are you think this looks stupid. Well I am here to tell you it ain’t! 

GBRS Hydra Mount
An even smaller guns. The HK MP-7. Rail space on this gun is at a premium. The Hydra shines here.

The ONLY thing that could make this better, is if it was MY name on the patent documents. Damn good idea. 





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