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Split Screen Test – Kimber Rapide

Split Screen Test - Kimber Rapide.
Split Screen Test - Kimber Rapide.

Just as the title says. We were doing some film testing on the range and they caught me shooting the borrowed Kimber. I do have some personal trouble with the trigger, since I am more accustomed to a cleaner pull. 

In reality, that is a user error, not a gun error. But don’t get it twisted. I don’t love this 1911. This is a mass produced, non-fit, Kimber 1911. While it looks cool, long term I have found Kimbers to be hot garbage for the price. 

Not trying to dump on the gun. It’s just if I don’t specifically state the issues, people roll in thinking I endorse this thing. I. Do. Not. 

If you can swing it, get a Wilson eXperior Full Size if you want a traditional, 9mm, single stack 1911. 






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