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Officer Mike’s Light Weight AR

Officer Mike's Patrol / Call-Out Rifle

As shocking as this may sound to some of our readers, my experience with AR’s is somewhat limited. Sure. I have been around AR’s most of my adult life. But looking back, almost all of them were military variants spec’d out in standard ways. The only exceptions to those are a few personally owned rifles back in the 1990’s. Principally a Colt 20” HBAR.

Sure I have seen and been around a variety of civilian AR’s over the last 8-10 years. And I have even fired a few of them. But I never really kept up with the latest and greatest trends AR wise. Probably because I don’t personally like to “tinker” with or “build” guns.

How I view guns? I drive ‘em. I maintain ‘em. I break ‘em. But people smarter than me make ‘em. It’s just not my bag. Mentally. But with that comes a dismissiveness concerning the latest trends, fads and widgets. Which I think is a good thing. Because personally, I strongly believe too many gun-people spend too much time being gear-queers and not enough time wearing guns out.

The rifle is basically a BCM gun.

And don’t dismiss that last comment, “wearing guns out”. There is a certain innate level of skill and accomplishment that comes with long hours of experience. Much like how old-man strength happens over a lifetime, not New Year’s resolution workouts.

But. And there is always a but. I need to check my own bullshit a little bit. I have ignored the boutique AR market for so long, that looking at things now; this old man is feeling very dated. Sub 6lb rifles are a common thing now? They are svelte? And durable? And they are sold as OEM, commercial off the shelf models? Yowza! Maybe I need to consider getting into a “modern” AR if they have changed THAT much?

14″ pencil barrel with pinned muzzle device.

Some of our regulars have noticed my random AR-15 questions on social media the last few weeks. What upper this? What maker that? What does X weigh? That’s just me trying to get educated on the current state of common AR technology. But I haven’t changed. To this day, I still have to resist the urge to vomit when cycling though screen after screen of part x, lower y, and charging handle z. The AR market is a zoo.

Somekind of BCM GunFighter charging handle. There are too many options from BCM for me to even care to figure out which one. This one works well. I go to their website and try to spec out and upper and the options for charging handles along make me want to vomit.

I hate it since I see if for what it is: a bunch of geer-queers, “kitted up” in their leather, ass-less chaps, dancing around the Blue Oyster Bar to the beat of some jive-ass gun forum. All the while, not actually shooting much if at at all.

Fucking. Kill. Me.

So. Officer Mike got home and I asked him again what exactly his rifle weighed. Sure it’s a bathroom scale. But this rifle has a RDS and sling attached. And this isn’t a $4000 gun either.

So…Officer Mike did me a solid and put his light weight call-out rifle in my hands. Very nice. Handy. Simple. Clean. Inspiring. That is what I want. A modern, light weight, durable AR that isn’t built with goofy titanium and carbon-fiber parts with the associated solid-gold price tag.

Stay tuned.



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