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Range Update 200 – 250 – 300 Yard Targets Up

The 250 Yard Target back of 360 range.

This post is going to be mostly photos without much writing. Many of you are following the range build and we are working as fast as we can. Had some interruptions with hunting season, weather, and solving some target setup issues.

Progressing nicely before the snow comes. But the reality is, we will be forced to do much of this work over the winter. The cold and snow will suck. But the lack of ground vegitaton and canopy will make survey and line of sight easier. First world problems, right?

First you gotta have some targets.

Second you need to cut some shooting lanes. In this case, I needed cut back a few troublesome trees and the grassy top of one hill.

The 200 yard target is installed.

The 250 yard target is on another shooting lane. Done behind the 360 range. It’s pretty darn down there, so I needed to paint it safety orange for better line of sight measure.


The 300 yard target. Back on main shooting lane down the road. The fact is, this target probably functions as both a 250 and 300 (maybe 350) since it’s visible from the field up behind the Briar Patch. So I leave the safety orange target down at 250 and shoot it static? Or do I pull it and use it as an odd-distance target on the hill top I just cut? See first world problems.

Bonus Content. You didn’t think we’re just building ranges did ya? Nope. We’re also cutting 4-wheeler trails. They will facilitate easier access to the longer range steel targets. Provide alternative ways to move about the property even during live-fire. And create some really interesting hunting setups for 2018 and beyond.

How many trails have we cut so far. Not counting range work proper? I don’t have a physical count. But dressing up existing trails was over 2000 yards. And cutting completely new trails is approaching 800 yards. Again…on top of range work.

Sport 4-wheeler didn’t make it.

So why am I mentioning this? Well…one of our team members decided to bring his “sport” 4-wheeler out to help cut some trails back behind the 360 range. Well…he lasted maybe 40 minutes before his bike started overheating. Got it back up to the hayfield and it seems his fan wasn’t coming on. The working theory was something got jammed up inside and while crawling on undiscovered country.

My Honda 4-wheeler is built like a tank. This thing? It sure is fast. For my taste, too fast. And it’s 2 wheel drive which seems questionable. But it is fast and really used speed to get over things. But ground scrub and brush killed it WAY too fast. I am just thankful he wasn’t down in a valley on the backside of the property. Getting him out of there would have sucked rocks.


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