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Oklahoma Highway Patrol Select SIG P320

SIG P320

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol have selected the very impressive SIG P320 as their next service pistol. At the time of this writing, I have not personally fired a 320. But I did fondle one in a local gun store-chain. Besides the grip being a little too slick for my liking as a duty weapon, I found it to have a lot of potential. I can’t say it’s good to go yet simple because I have not fired one yet. But it’s not too much of a leap to see a stipple job and one in my collection some day. Frankly, Freeze is such a SIG fan, he will probably beat me to it. Also it is my understanding the current 320 full size has 17 round magazines. Which is something that bugs me about the HK VP9 I’n wearing as I type this. –Marky


P.S. Oklahoma still means “red skin” in some indian language. But this pale face isn’t offended. 😉



NRA — The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has chosen the SIG P320 in 9 mm as the agency’s next duty pistol, and has placed an order for more than 800 of the full-size semi-automatic pistols.

According to a letter from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, the pistol was selected after more than 78,000 rounds of assorted brands of ammunition were tested over a two-week period and performed without any mechanical issues.

“All of us here at SIG are proud to have the Oklahoma Highway Patrol be the first state police agency to adopt the P320,” said Tom Jankiewicz, Vice President of Law Enforcement Sales for SIG Sauer, Inc. “The pistol’s safety, accuracy and reliability are what our law enforcement customers expect in a striker-fired pistol worthy of the SIG Sauer name.”

Designed with input from law enforcement officers, the P320 offers enhanced ergonomics, a short, crisp trigger pull with a tactile reset, and the ability to take down the pistol with no tools and without the need to press the trigger.

Instructors also found that inexperienced shooters saw a reduced learning curve with the P320 and progressed more quickly through training. The pistol’s interchangeable grip modules allows each officer to have a pistol that best fits his or her hand.

“We have observed the pistol to be accurate, reliable and operator friendly,” said Lt. Todd Fenimore of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. “We are looking forward to the statewide pistol transition.”