Painting SA-48 FAL Front Sight and Gas Setting — Pics

We did a video on the subject, but I have received numerous requests for some hand-holding on doing this. So…in the interest of brevity, here are some still photos of the process. I use Safety-Hooker-Orange (SHO) fingernail polish for this. As for why?

First it’s durable. Holds up well in high heat and wet environs. Second, it’s removable. So if down the road something changes with the ammo and I need to mark a new default gas setting, no issues. Third, the SHO paint also works good on front sights for fast pickup. As such, I use SHO for all such jobs.

Gratuitous SA-48 Receiver shot. 223 FAL’s are a riot!!!

Don’t be “A’scared” to mark your guns if you actually use them. This does not hurt value in any way.



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