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PD Seize Colt Hammerless 32

Colt 1903 on hood of Patrol Car.
Colt 1903 on hood of Patrol Car.

Freeze shared this with me a few days ago. PD receives a 9-1-1 call about a road-rage incident claiming the assailant fired a weapon. When the first responding officers arrive they find a Colt Model 1903 in .32. One spent shell was recovered at the scene. While we always joke about Hi-Points and other junk guns being the typical gang-banger fare, occasionally interesting or valuable firearms make an appearance.

I have personally seen a a biker gang with a Belgiun Hi-Power topped with target sights. A couple of corner dope-boys with a Glock model 20 (That’s a 10mm for you 1911 guys). And I have seen a cherry S&w 645 on the streets (biker gang). OH…there was the Italian made Beretta 92 that had traveled all the way across country to be used by a West Coast gang-banger in a daylight drug dispute.

Colt 1903 on hood of Patrol Car.
Colt 1903 on hood of Patrol Car.

What happens to these guns can vary depending on the PD that recovers them. They are run in the NCIC system for serial numbers. If there is an open case, many times they are sent back to the originating agency. Once their cases are adjudicated. If the weapon is not reported stolen or is forfeited by the owner, they can be auctioned, sold or entered into a LEO training arsenal. The two most famous of these are the BATFE and the FBI’s collections. But “some” large agencies also maintain such collections as well.

For example, I recently read of a rare semi-auto French made FAMAS rifle that was sitting in a west coast armory. While that makes me a little said, at least it wasn’t destroyed.

Example of a FAMAS rifle.
Example of a FAMAS rifle. One PD in the US has one in their “library”. I would LOVE to have an example in my personal collection.

So…anyone have any stories about decent or desirable guns they’ve seen or recovered on the streets? If so, leave a comment below. If you have pictures, even better!




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