Zip Tie for your power adjustment ring.

Scope Trick: Zip Tie Your Power Adjustment

Do you have issues turning your power-adjustment ring on your scope at speed? Do you have a power setting you prefer and need a way to reference it without breaking away from the eye-box? One trick that has been around for a while is to put a large zip tie on the scope. Typically the best ones are larger in size and intended for use with electronics.

The general rules are to put the zip tie notch at the 50% power point. Or center it on 10X if that is what you use to range (SFP Reticles). It’s super cheap and not a permanent modification should you wish to sell the scope later.

I’m not sure what THIS exact product is, but it appears someone has taken the informal hack and with a slight tweak made it into a product. Pretty cool. As long as it is reasonably priced.

The reaction I was seeing publicly kinda threw me since I didn’t realize this old trick had been lost to the ages? Everything old is new again. Next time you are at the big-box home improvement store, take a look at some zip ties. They are incredibility useful.



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