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POTD — 1911 Front Cocking Serrations

Photoshopped Ed Brown 1911 with Front Cocking Serrations

This image is a photoshop joke. Obviously. But it does a good job of illustrating the front cocking serration debate in the 1911 community. AKA the FCS.

What do I think? I am agnostic. You see, I could go either way. From a serious carry gun perspective, having as many options to grab and cycle your weapon under stress IS ALWAYS OPTIMAL.


But being a a very experienced 1911 user who carried one professionally for 12 years, I also am aware that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Example. I do not prefer FLGR’s in 1911s. The main reason being I prefer having the a GI-Plug setup for the one handed cycling option. There are many people who use the same method for a “press check”. It’s something 1911 folks do. Right or wrong. I accept it as reality.

But know this…

If I was tasked with spec’ing out a standard work 1911 for a department or agency, without a doubt it would have FCS, GI-plug, ledge rear sights, low-profile maxwell, and a seriously upgraded ambi-safety.

But I won’t be going out having FCS put on any of my 1911’s. If they have it great. If not, forget it.


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