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POTD — 5 Gold Bricks AKA 223 Valmet Mags

5 Valmet 223 / 5.56 M76 Magazines

Thought I would share something from the armory. Of all the AK’s in the US, it is generally believed that the “best” AK’s are Finnish Valmet AK’s. Personally I am not prepared to hang my hat on that assumption.

I recognize they are well made. Especially when you look at them from a historical prospective. But I suspect many US collectors conflate scarcity with quality. That is usually a false prophet.

For example: What you see here are the rarest magazines of one of the rarest Valmet variants: the 223/5.56 M76 AK. The reason they are so rare is very few countries adopted the 223 AK and when you factor in the 1989 import ban, these rare rifles become even more so in the US.

Back to the magazines, these are so rare that in many cases the original buyers of the M76 223 AK didn’t even a magazine with the rifle!!! WTF? Talk about a death sentence!

Right now in January of 2018, these real Valmet 223 magazines are bringing between $300 – $350. Just a year ago they were $200-$250. Again…if you can find them. And I am not talking about the aftermarket Valmet mags.

So…with these mags you see and some you don’t, we have as much money, or more, tied up in the Valmet magazines than the dang rifle they are for!

Like I said: Gold Bricks. If you can find them.

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