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African Spear Head

This has been on my to-do list for a couple of years. A while back we came into possession of a spear head. Ok. Let me list what we think we know:

  1. African Spear Head.
  2. Seems hand made.
  3. Very thin. Almost too thin. But I don’t throw spears.
  4. We believe it is old.
  5. It is quite large. Well over 1 foot long. I need to measure it.


  1. What part of Africa? It’s a big place?
  2. Does it seem to be related to any particular culture or group?
  3. Even though old, could it be fake or an old tourist trinket?

I am hoping we can get some help figuring it out. Perhaps you know of someone who is knowledgable of such things? Maybe you have one yourself and have even the slightest amount of data to add?

If it stumps our readers, I’ll have to put a call into some museums or large collections. But they likely won’t take the time to respond unless I am looking to donate it.


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