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POTD – Avidity Arms PD10

Avidity Arms PD10. Pistol
Avidity Arms PD10

In the midst of all this range construction, do we really have time to futz with a new gun? A T&E gun even? When we are pretty public about not being “gear reviewers”? Apparently the answer is yes. 

Also…I swear it seemed like they overnighted it to us! I figured a T&E gun would take at least a few weeks to land. But the PD in PD10 should probably stand for “Prime Delivery”. So fast, I half expected it to have a Amazon label affixed. 

The why: I don’t like pocket rocket guns. Never have. Don’t care if it’s made by Glock or HK. And especially officer sized 1911s. Hate ‘em! But the motivations about the PD10 intrigue me. It’s designed to be thin, not necessarily “small”. That’s pretty interesting, since I do like thin pistols. 

Think of this like a single stack Glock 48x. But thinner. At least 10% thinner. Which I would guess is attributable to the sheet steel mag in the Avidity 

So stay tuned. This should be fun. 






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