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POTD – Deuce 1/2

MILSURP Deuce 1/2 truck used during rifle range construction.

I have been remiss in keeping our readers up to date on the rifle range construction. For that I apologize. It has been a very busy 2 months. Multiple vendors each trying to get their assigned tasks done, while working with other customers, weather and logistics. 

I will try to post some pics and video I have taken during the process. In the interests of sanity I will keep them in chronological order. Give or take a day or two. So here goes…

On a podcast a few weeks back I was complimenting Freeze on how impressive military surplus Deuce 1/2 trucks are. While many of us are familiar with them, I doubt too many folks have seen them ride through the hilly countryside like jeeps! 

Actually in some cases, better than jeeps. Doesn’t matter the incline, pitch, mud, trees, etc. When a D8 Dozer is working the property, there are usually one, sometimes two, genuine military surplus Deuce 1/2’s running support. 

Some run fuel. Some run tools. Some just run crew back and forth. When you are 1000 yards back from the staging area, it can cost significant money to run a D8 all the way back to the operator’s car. So…they “Deuce it”. 

I have a whole new respect and admiration for the Deuce 1/2. The next time Freeze makes a play for one at a good price, maybe it’ll happen. 

Oh one more thing. Special note: The hill this truck is sitting on? It’s gone. We cut somewhere between 12-14 feet off of it. This is roughly the 400 yard impact zone. Well…12 feet down that is. 






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