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POTD – Donald Trump’s Pile of Taxes

Donald Trump signing his taxes.

Some of you are aware that I can move through some pretty rarified circles. In a previous life, the altitude changes in just one night should have caused nose bleeds. Or was it bloody noses? I’ll never tell. (sic) But I digress…

Very recently I was the fly on the wall to a very interesting conversation about the above picture. A high level, American C-level executive was having a conversation with a high-level campaign operative. I can assure you the businessman was probably a Republican, and I know for certain the campaign guy works for Republicans. Just about everyone at this thing was a DC insider. Except for me of course. I’m the token gun-guy.

The gist of what I heard went something like this:

OP: “Did you hear about the latest schtick Trump has pulled, showing his pile of tax papers!?”

CEO: “Yeah, I did and it got me thinking about switching to Trump”, the CEO deadpanned.

OP: His voice almost breaking into a laughter, “How do you figure?!”

CEO: Unmoved, the CEO states flatly, “The guy I’ve been supporting has a two page tax return. He has no investments. Doesn’t pay capital gains. Never owned a business or paid payroll taxes. And I would guess doesn’t even have an estate planner”.

OP: Knowing he is getting his ass handed to him in front of his peers, the political operative just stands there like a deer in the headlights waiting for what is coming.

The CEO continues, “Considering the problems we’re facing, do I want the next President to be a guy who has a 2 page tax-return? I have to tell you, that picture really has me thinking”.

Truth is, that CEO was a pretty smart cookie. If for no other reason, I had never considered that fact when the tax issue was making the news cycle rounds. And I am not exactly sure what his exact quote was in it’s entirety since a few of the items he listed, “were Greek to me”.

Strange times. DC seems tense about the election. Much more than I have never noticed in the past. I think it’s a good thing.

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