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Snowy Day Training with S&W 64-4

The elements don't hurt stainless guns that much either.

In this age of striker-fired handguns, it’s easy to dismiss the double action handguns. But that is a mistake. It has been my personal experience that shooting a revolver double-action-only (DAO) is easier than a DA/SA semi-auto. This should be true with DAO autos as well.

While many of my fellow gun professionals are like, “Yeah! No shit, Sherlock”. I think too many of our clan are skipping over that little detail with the new folks. And it’s doing all of them a disservice.

Just about any firearm with a consistent trigger pull can be properly mastered with…wait for it…training. Just like…wait for it…the single action guns.

But there’s more and it’s the damnedest thing. And if I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it. But there are these strange fellows out there who can shoot a double action trigger faster then they can shoot a single action.

It’s rare. But not completely unknown.

I’m not saying I am the next Jerry Miculek with the model 64, but there is something about it that just works for me. Much to my surprise, I can run THIS particular S&W very, very fast. Accurately. And I have witnesses: None other than the legendary Dave Spaulding and Ed Lovette.

Now for the bad news: I don’t own this revolver. It belongs to Freeze’s dad. And no, they won’t sell it to me. But I do get occasional visitation rights during federal holidays and barbecues.


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