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Whenever I run into a Lefty who claims to be a secular, atheist, humanist who opposes the “right” as bigots when EVEN DISCUSSING the cultural divide between radical Islam and the West;

That Lefty always, ALWAYS turns out to be a communist.

Which IS the explanation. That lefty doesn’t want western culture to survive or prevail against radical Islam.

The Lefty wants “western imperialism” to collapse so we can all be communists – socialists. The Left even has a name for these types, “the regressive left”.

And here is the funny part: when you get the Lefty to admit THEIR idealogical end game, point out to them it is always the LEFT that:

1. Builds ovens.
2. Makes killing fields.
3. Starves entire ethnic groups.
4. Builds gulags and concentration camps.
5. Forces, “re-education”.
6. Outlaws every dissenting group that is not part of “The Party”.
7. Lines people up against walls to be shot.
8. Or shoots people in the back of the head in some brick basement.
Funny how that works. So tell me again how your “church of state” is oh so morally superior to David Koresh, the Ayatollah, the kool aide drinkers, Al Qaeda , the Muslim Brotherhood, Scientology, boko haram, et all.


STFU, Hippie. And here’s your shirt.

Statism: Ideas so good, they have to be mandatory.
Statism: Ideas so good, they have to be mandatory.


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