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POTD — French LRAC-50 Bazooka

French LRAC-50 Bazooka

Thought this would be an interesting photo to share. The LRAC-50 bazooka is uncommon in the United States. It fires a 73mm Anti-Tank rocket. What makes it interesting are a few things:

1. It’s a French Weapon. That in itself is pretty unique since France doesn’t participate in De-Mil, Surplus any longer. Hence why you will never seen surpluses French FAMAS rifles on the US market. And they are very rare on the international – foreign sales market.

2. I would think It is one of the last bazookas to incorporate a blast shield for the operator. I could be wrong. But it seems to me more modern designs have gotten away from that for size and weigh constraints.

3. The shield has a combination of both a telescopic sight and glass window-reticle for aiming. Ours is not cracked and in very good condition.

4. It’s remarkably lighter than one would expect. Especially with the blast shield. But in fairness, it is not loaded. And it does have the BATFE blow-hole out the top. That has to account for something.

5. For those keeping score, the designers say this bazooka could penetrate 11 inches of rolled tank armor. I’m not going to pretend to understand fully what that translates into regarding modern, relative and ceramic armor. But it sounds ferocious.

6. As I kid, I saw a movie that said a WWII Sherman tank had armor 4” thick. Wikipedia tells me now that some variants went as thick as 7” think with armor. This thing would cut through that like butter.

Story from my youth. As a kid I always liked tanks. Especially WWII tanks. What kid didn’t, right? But then I got a chance to see some video of what happens to tanks and the people inside of them when hit. Or more accurately penetrated. Even as a kid not well versed on such topics, I decided I would rather be shot.

There are two types dead in warfare: Dead and Yuck. This thing likely falls toward the latter.

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