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Rock River Arms RRA AR-Pistol Boycott Gun

It’s been a very busy few months and I haven’t had any time to myself. So today I decided to take a few minutes and visit a friend who owns one of my favorite gun shops.

Truthfully, it’s rare that I come in without already having some business at hand, but today I wanted to do a little window shopping and make a social call. But…if I end up leaving with a weapon, that’s just by chance. I’m sure you all understand.

Rock River Arms RRA AR-Pistol Boycott Gun

This shop has a small but dedicated, “Used Case” where the usual suspect weapons tend to reside. I know these cases very well. They are usually what I zero in on first when hitting FFL’s. And nothing was really out of place or usual except for one, big, black, tactical thing. A Rock River Arms AR style pistol. And I can’t stress enough for this shop; it was odd.

Rock River Arms RRA AR-Pistol Boycott Gun

I suppose one would need to understand that store to understand the situation. Sure. They sell AR’s and a mess of other modern, military style rifles. But this place, and in particular this case, isn’t really the optimal venue for a mass-produced RRA AR pistol. Most guns on display are older than me.

So I just had to ask, “Boycott gun?”

“Yes and no.”

“Umm…OK. What does that mean?”

“The guy needs money (probably for another gun) so he put this up for sale.”

“Did he mention the recent drama with RRA and Springfield?”

“Yes he did”.

Matter of factly I replied, “Boycott gun. Something had to go. And this gun says RRA on it”.

“I suppose you’re right”.

With a shit-eating grin looking past the Springfield made M1A sitting on the rack, “By the way, what’s your price on a James River Armory, rack-grade, M1A?”




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