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POTD — Information Security at The Vatican

Pope with sticker over iPad Camera

I’ve been sitting on this photo for a long while. Not intentionally. It’s just that we are primarily a firearms and national security property. So just about anything bumps this from the queue of posts. But this is long overdue. So here goes…

The Pope is the Head of State for the sovereign Vatican City. They are their own country. And while His Holiness doesn’t have the same intelligence community (IC) infrastructure as say President Trump; he does have an in-house security team. 

Primarily the Vatican faces three threats daily: 

1.Spying by nations that don’t trust the Vatican: China, Cuba, and Venezuela for example. 

2.Criminal threats to the Vatican financial system: The Vatican Bank. 

3.Terrorism against The Holy See and Vatican City: Non-state actors and lone wolves. 

These three things encompass a lot. And the workload on The Vatican security staff is never ending. And while The Pontiff gets to glad-hand and be the happy face of The Church; there are nameless, sometimes faceless Vatican personnel who’s entire job description is to not ever be happy. Never, ever. 

So take this to the bank: When The Vatican decided to cover up the cameras on mobile devices, irrespective of whatever the OS settings are, you would be well advised to pay attention. And yes…while “some” of these techniques have been reported in the press; the other shoe hasn’t dropped yet.

Not for the public. 






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