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POTD: Old School Shackle Key

Leg irons
Leg Shackle Key

Picture of the day.

Old habits die hard. I still have a handcuff key on my keyring. Frankly, I just have never taken it off. While I don’t expect to be handcuffed by wanna-be Jihadi’s anytime soon, I have learned when you need a handcuff key, you really need a handcuff key!

My old leg irons use the same handcuff key as my old cuffs — Peerless for you handcuff dorks asking. But I saw this in Freeze’s garage the other day and figured some of you folks might find it interesting. It’s an old-time “leg-shackle” key. Don’t see these everyday. Unless…maybe you’re up-river.

Special note for civilians. Some places consider it a crime for civilians to carry a handcuff key.


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