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POTD – Sokolovsky Automaster

Notice the Triggers.

I took this pic while at the Buffalo Bill Firearms Museum. It is chambered in 45ACP. Which is all well and good. But what makes this gun interesting is…it’s lack of screws, buttons and levers. Sounds weird, right? Well…look at it again. 

Sokolovsky 45 Automaster
Display at Buffalo Bill Firearms Museum

Where is the mag release? The slide-stop? 

Now…look at the grip panels. Where is the screw to attach them to the frame? 

Sokolovsky 45 Automaster

None of them are there. One of the goals when designing this pistol was to omit all of the external levers and buttons. And just for good measure, let’s design a pistol with minimal need for screws and pins for the action!

Notice the Triggers and lack of screws and pins.

So…how do you work the safety? The action lock? My understanding it it’s all done with the trigger. Weird right? If you zoom in, you’ll notice there are actually three triggers (you can see 2). One to fire. One for safe. One for action lock. 

And no. I have no idea how all this is really supposed to work practically. The gun was under glass. 





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