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POTD – Walther Creed

Walther Creed 9mm Pistol.
Walther Creed 9mm Pistol.

We had a visitor at The John1911 range yesterday. One of Doc’s relatives from New Jersey. He brought two guns with him, but this was his main squeeze. 

A Walther Creed pistol in 9mm. It seems he bought the pistol when CDNN was blowing them out a while back. He stated it was around the $250ish mark. Being from New Jersey, he only had “Peasant Mags”. Also known as “crippled 10-rounders”. 

Which is fine. You do what you can when you can. 

As for the Creed, I hadn’t ever gotten a chance to play with one before. It was well made to Walther quality standards. But you could see obvious decisions made to drive the manufacturing costs way down. 

  • Nothing was ambi on the gun. 
  • The barrel – ramp was a two piece design. 
  • It was hammer fired, but SAO. 
  • The sights were pretty lame, however the front sight was screwed in, so easy to change. 
  • The control surfaces were pretty minimal for a pistol this size. 
  • The slide serrations was super minimal, but still “somewhat” functional. 
  • Grip texture was garbage, but that’s typical for all Walther’s.
  • The 1913 accessory rail cuts were so few, it seemed they dropped the 19 and just paid for the 13. 

Summation. How does this compare to any Walther PPQ pistol? It doesn’t. Choosing between the two, I would drop the Creed like a bad habit. 

But it doesn’t seem that was the goal here. People who say, “I wish a good gun company made a quality pistol people could afford” need to look no further. This is your gun. 

But since CDNN blowing them out usually signifies a market failure or product end, I guess we know how that worked out for Walther. People will tell you what they supposedly want, but rarely actually buy it. 

I feel OK going out on a limb and saying this is the best cheap gun I have ever seen. It destroys the cheap-gun competition. And nobody bought them. Probably discontinued. And with the name Walther on the side, the price will rise as a collectable. Putting it out of reach of it’s target market. 

Can’t win for trying…






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