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PSA – Bullet Spall

Bullet spall.
Bullet Spall. Bullet Splash. Piece of copper jacket.

PSA – Bullet Spall

While locking up the truck today, I happened to notice this piece of copper jacket on bed cover. This happened on Monday and the shooters were 40 yards away. Shooting 180 degrees away from me. 

How do I know this? Simple, I was in the truck on the phone when it hit. I heard it. The noise wasn’t jarring or loud. But I heard it. 

Since then I have driven the truck on the highway probably close to 100 miles at highway speeds. Still there. 

Maybe it’s the lack of airflow that close to the cab? Perhaps it’s so razor thin, that it’s like a little airplane win holding it down on the cover? 

In either case, it’s razor sharp. And if this hit anywhere near your eye ball, it could F. You up. 

Just a little PSA. It’s not often I get such an easy photo of bullet spall. And in my experience, it’s always the copper jackets that do the real damage. 





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