Preparing for Hillary Clinton to Win November 2016

As I type this, it is April of 2016. The Republican party establishment seems hell-bent on destroying itself. Read that as Hillary winning and they being able to say, “See! We told all of you. You can’t win without us!”

Ok. Fine. Well…not fine. But what kind of position does that put me in? As a gun loving law abiding, American citizen?

Screwed. Just like the rest of you.

All Steel Magazine

All Steel Magazine. Will work in ANY STANAG rifle: M4, AR, FS2000, SCAR, HK 416, etc, etc.

So, I’m buying magazines. Not to flip. Not to sell. Not to make money with. But I will be damned if I will wake up one day like I did in 1994 without a pile of standard capacity magazines on hand. And a big enough pile to easily last the rest of my life. No way. No how. Never again. F. That! And you shouldn’t either.

C-Products Defense 30 round steel magazines.

C-Products Defense 30 round steel magazines.

I placed this most recent order of all steel GI magazines just as the drama from the Colorado Republican party was breaking. 15 steel body, non-tilt-follower STANAG magazines. Compared to the fancy polymer magazines, they are a bargain. And just as reliable. No worries. I have plenty of PMAGS too. But the question should be how many do you have?

Non-Tilt Followers

Non-Tilt Followers. 15 new, unissued AR Magazines.

Goldman Sachs is buying gold. I am buying guns & ammo. Both out of fear.

We live in strange times.
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