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Privately Owned Mexican AR-10

Privately Owned Mexican AR-10 Armalite
Mexican Armalite AR-10 in 7.62x51

I have held these photos for a while. My source in Mexico has a private gun collection. And most of what interests him are 7.62×51 battle rifles. 

So it is no surprise that when he ran across a black-market Armalite AR-10, he snatched it up. 

By looking at the markings, it is obvious this rifle originated it’s life somewhere in the United States. One wonders if we were to put this serial into the NCIC, would it come back stolen? Likely so. But…I’m not in a position to truly know that. 

The harsh reality is it’s a Mexican gun now. And is never coming back into the United States.

My acquaintance has gone dark with no contact for many months. Perhaps he has been swept away in the tide of Mexican history? Or maybe he was arrested by the federal police for his private gun collection? 

Whatever the reason, I am grateful for the images while it lasted. This ends my series on privately owned Mexican Guns. 






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