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SCAR-20 End of the Drama
SCAR-20 End of the Drama

I wish I could say seeing the SCAR-20 get first round hits at range was a blasé thing. But frankly, the SCAR-20 has been quite the troublesome rifle. 


IMO, the biggest factor is the slow twist rate of the barrel. Something that many EU based rifle makers subscribe to. American shooters like heavy bullets for long range work. 

The SCAR-20 barrel seems to be built around the NATO 1 in 12 twist rate. Which is great for machine guns. Not so much for modern precision ammunition. 

Doc has remedied the situation by working up custom loads with 155g grain bullets. We will have more on that in a future post. In the mean time, it was good to see Doc getting a first round hit at 600yds. 

Fingers crossed. 






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