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Rant – USMC Goes to 300WM for Sniper Rifles

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John1911 Podcast

Word came out this week that the USMC is going to phase out their M40a6 7.62 caliber rifles and replace them with a US Navy MK13. The MK13 is a 300WM Long action, Remington 700, in a AI chassis.

300WM is a good move for the USMC. The current chassis systems negate the cheek weld issues of long actions. 300 has been in the DOD system for decades. And the MK13 is in the Navy system.

Which…newsflash…the Navy and USMC are in the same DOD Secretary   structure. It’s a good move. It’s a safe move. It’s an easy move. It’s a cheap move. And it’s an effective move.

All these cool kids today think their boutique PRS calibers are the only way to go. 300WM has been getting it done for twice as long as most of these folks have been alive.

And when you pair 300WM with some of the new machine turned 30 caliber projectiles, you’re getting some results more in line with the Lapua calibers than the magnum calibers.

Interesting times. I respect the choice. You should too.




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