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SHS 01: US Army Trials Luger

Second Hand Showcase 01: US Army Trials Luger

This is the first in a series of videos we will do featuring actual firearms we find forsale at various mom-and-pop FFL dealers. Because while all the big retail stores have the same SKU’s and product items; it’s the local small time dealers who can wheel and deal on used and collectible firearms. 

Up first: A honest to goodness US Army Trials Luger (Model of 1900) with slots for an experimental stock. 

We decided to pass on this pistol since we already have a P08 in the library. But if you are a rare German Luger collector, this is probably one of your cornerstone examples. 

Click the link below to reach out to the dealer directly if you are seriously interested. We get no kick backs, monetary compensation, or other financial gain one way or the other. We are simply passing on good information to our readers who are interested in such items. 

Episode 01 of the Second Hand Showcase is now complete!


Click link below to contact dealer directly.






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